EVNET CYBERCAFE Connection, schedule and but.

Our cybercafe has a connection of wide band that he/she works to 715 kbps. It is a fixed connection to the being quicker 15 times that a phone line common of 56. 6 - besides having problems like a busy line, or sudden desconexiones since it is never DSL. The coffee has 10 COMPUTERS SONY it MARKS having Windows XP PROFESSIONAL and a wireless net and ports of available ethernet to the public - what means that if your laptop (laptop) it has a card of nets ethernet or wireless card, we can configure your machine to be connected directly in our high-speed net. besides having such professional programs as corel draw. , adove photo shop. microsoft publisher exel word power point Also has burner of disks CD and dvd's scanner and printers laser or of injek in different sizes so that your you can make your impression in any size (13 x 19 the but big) If you plan to bring your digital camera, most of our computers have ports USB to discharge pictures, but please don't forget to bring your cables and any necessary software. or if your camera has a good card then alone he/she brings the card by heart and it organizes your pictures in anyone of our programs after that you can burn it in anyone of our dvd burners or cd From our CYBERCAFE you can enjoy all type of services those but well-known inside the world of the Internet, and our navigators Web has code of 128 installed bits, so that you can consent private information as bank bills with security and trust. Our rates are reasonable, we Also have promotions as buying by day for a package week or if you like you can buy one of our cards of unearned time that are but cheap (it looks for information in the link of prices) besides that have discounts for students that alone they pay 50% this is fabulous for them because you will no longer have to go to a place with slow computers and that they don't have the programs that you need or that the cd's burner doesn't serve or with monitors old etc. .

We have convenient schedules this is of 8 am. horn the 11 pm. schedule corrido contamos also with a clever bilingual, qualified personnel for your attendance. you can consent to your electronic mail bill, make sure of knowing your user name and countersign. if you have never used the email, or you are novice, don't worry, we will inscribe you in a gratuitous mail bill where your you will have your email and you will be able to check mail each that your you want from any part of the world and from any computer

Our cafeteria serves as the best espresso and cappuccino the coffee it is toasted and fresh, it comes from the best plantations in the best coffee plantations in the world. If you don't prefer a coffee, we have sodas, you, you colds, chocolate and a without bebidas También end offer a variety of tartlets like the famous foot of lemon or pastries without forgetting the goodies and chocolates believe you you won't get bored with us and you will learn a lot because you will be since in the entrance to the world you will be able to travel from your seat and to know so many places or to learn new things