CAFETERIA: we use the coffee but I die brought of the world capital of the coffee it is this way we use the dark and toasted Colombian coffee

   and of good floor, ourselves mills the coffee that he/she means that we buy it in grain and we mill it exactly before preparing it we also have import sodas and national besides juices and malted without forgetting the hot or cold teas and let us don't forget our confectionery that such there am if you don't want to come to use our good computers they come to take a rich coffee because not alone we make it we also consume it

expressed coffee: a strong swig of dark toasted coffee and cool air served in a coffee rate 

express double: two shots of dark toasted coffee and cool air served in a cup of American

I express cut: a shot of dark toasted coffee with a jet of milk to the vapor

white express: a shot of expressed with cream combing

cappuccino: a shot of expressed with milk to the vapor in cappuccino's cup with some cinnamon in the summit

latte: a cup of American coffee with natural milk in 3 sizes medium and big boy

American coffee: coffee with cream or natural  

hot chocolate with milk

milk flavor vanilla

Tea: in their different flavors 

Tea evenet: you of anyone of our flavors with honey and a lemon sip

Tea in the rocks: an I fry you with ice

sodas of different flavors 

coca cola pepsi fanta mountain dow sprite jarritos

the titanic: black soda with a ball of snow

ice creams and snow of different flavor

cake of three milk of chocolate

the icy foot of lemon