SNEAKERS have a great team to be able to carry out printings in beach in any cloth type (nylon cotton, acrylic etc. ) this means that we can realizar estampado horn for player's deportistas uniformes with their logo and logoses of patrons for the restaurants can carry out them their uniformes ya that in the sneakers or shirts of cotton chamarras sweaters aprons and in any color so much black como blanco todo this is in an equipo netamente profesional llámanos to make your orders




   You have wondered some day if you could capture in a garment that design that you made and you already have either it in your computer in a paper leaf or in your mind, because you don't think it but! in Evnet Dessing, we either make printings for your business of any design that your you bring it or we design it, also for people, matters that you/they want to have captured the pictures of their children in a sneaker, the same as if they have a birthday parties you will be able to give to the companies a memory sneaker that he/she tells Happy Birthday Chamaco! the boy's picture and the date of the serious anniversary a very pleasant detail for the one celebrated and don't the companies believe it?


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   The sport team of the soccer club is already necessary him a color change and design of the logo or perhaps some company sponsors them or they simply mean here something in the uniform we either have all the solutions to its restlessness and requirements for companies, restaurants, small business, sport clubs, schools, housewives, groups and organizations etc. for all have integral solutions to their necessities.